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At the beginning of April 2013 my parents came to visit me at ‘Loose Rein’, a stop off on their 5 week trip around Australia. It would be good to see them again and for me to show them what I’ve been doing and the horses I’ve been training. They would be staying at the Ranch for 3 days, one to be Dad’s Birthday and my day off!
The day they arrived I was working with Rebecca and Tracey – a barefoot trimmer. I was learning more about how to trim my horses’ hooves and have my technique critiqued. I find it difficult to hold my tools correctly and also to give my girls the best trim for their feet and the work they’re doing. (Not too much work, just in the sand of the round-pen and arena and a bit of walking on the stony ground. Rosie’s hooves would require a bit of a different trim as I was taking her onto the gravel road to harden them up.) It was good to have someone who was a bit more of a professional there whilst I was trimming and I think Rebecca was glad to have her there too as she is a friend and Rebecca’s the first one to say that her technique isn’t perfect either!
I tried to contain my excitement when I saw them arrive as I knew I had to concentrate on my horsey! (Which was Trigger I think, the poor boy with all the problems with his hooves.) It was lovely to see them again, even though it had only been 2months or so since I left! I introduced them to Rebecca, Tracey and Trigger, telling them all about his problems and how we were treating them. I had to get back to work so I pointed them in the direction of the shed, told them where to park the car and to help themselves to coffee and beer in the fridge! It wasn’t too long before I could join them and as I still had horses to feed I could show them around a bit.
After work I showered and changed ready for dinner (although mostly when I do this I just get into my pyjamas and throw on a jumper to keep out the chill!) over with Bec and Darren. Mum and Dad had bought them a couple of presents to say thanks for having me/looking after me etc and also thanks for letting them stay! I had told them how much they love their Rum so they had gotten them two small bottles, one being spiced which they hadn’t had before! As it was Easter, Mum had gotten them a small bag of Dairy Milk Eggs, funnily enough, they were the same ones Bec had given to me a few days before! 
Darren had cooked up his sausages in a yummy tomato sauce (which he wasn’t willing to share the recipe of!) with pumpkin and veggies! As ever it was delicious and as my parents were here, Dad had bought some wine and it was nice to have a change from either beer or rum! Afterwards, Dad and I cleaned up before retiring to bed as I still had to get up early and work the horses! Bec and Darren were off to work the next day and would be away for 5 days, so when my parents left, I would be all alone!  But in the meantime it was great to have some company and perhaps a little bit of help with the chores I had to do.
The extra chores I had to do, included taking down one electric fence + the poles and then creating another paddock further up the driveway for my herd. It would’ve been a massive job on my own but with Dad helping me it didn’t take too long! Mum helped me with fixing the nosebags which were now starting to show signs of wear. Unfortunately we have only 5 nosebags and with 3 of them being out of action, it was a bit of a pain feeding everyday but somehow I managed! It was a pain fixing them and I’m not the best sewer out there either! But it was something I could at the end of the day whilst watching TV, so not too bad!
Mum and Dad wanted to see me working with the horses, but because they were here I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible so I was getting up early to feed and then work with Rosie. I did show them a bit of what I was doing and Dad came out and took pictures of me whilst I was taking Rosie out on the gravel road for her daily exercise to help harden up her feet. They enjoyed meeting her and seeing what I was up to with her though.
On Dad’s Birthday I took my day off for the week. They were surprised to find that just as they were getting up for breakfast I had already been up for about an hour feeding all the horses!!! Just shows what living in the countryside and being up early every day does for you! I’m up with the birds every morning whilst they were still snoring!! :D Darren had given us a recommendation for a place to have lunch on his birthday and so we decided to head out to the local tourist information office to see exactly where it was. The Eimeo Pacific Restaurant with incredible views over the Pacific Ocean was the location for a birthday lunch, so after finding out its location we decided to nip to the library to use their free internet!


The views over the Ocean are incredible!!!! I really cannot believe that for such an amazing view, you don't really have to pay over the odds for the food and drink here!!! :O :O Certainly one of, if not, THE BEST place to celebrate Dad's Birthday!!!!! :D

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